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Member Spotlight: Friday Otuya

My name is Friday Otuya, and my story is simple: I discovered my innate potential and gave expression to those abilities for the improvement of my community. I was born in Nigeria. My parents sowed the seeds of responsibility in my heart early on by teaching me to see my self-worth and to esteem the dignity in honest labor.

I studied mass communication at the university and reported the news on national TV in Nigeria. I have also had the opportunity to lead humanitarian missions to various African countries and facilitated several developmental projects around Nigeria. Inspired by my faith, I have worked with others to improve communities everywhere I have lived and worked, with the understanding that we live in an interdependent world. What affects one, affects another, and we are all bound together in one human family. I came into the U.S. on a scholarship to study for a master’s degree at the University of Wyoming. In the course of that, I met and am married to my Pearl, Amanda Otuya, and in the spring of 2023, we had our little boy, Eagle Otuya.

I have traveled around the world. But I have never experienced more warmth, more decency, and open-mindedness than in the U.S. At a personal level, I have seen the uncommon kindness, humanity, grace, and generosity exhibited in this country. I joined Rotary because I wanted to be a part of a community of changemakers- people who are driven by service. In my free time, I like to learn about history and sociopolitical issues.

I currently represent many families and communities in the region, as the Community Engagement Specialist of Nex-Tech. I love life, I love America, and I love improving communities. I look forward to meeting every member of our club.

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