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Member Spotlight: John Hendrick

It’s wonderful to meet everyone and for those that I haven’t met, my name is John Hendrick. I grew up in a military family, meaning I have an extensive background with different cultures and peoples. I loved my time growing up in Germany, New York, California, and Texas, I felt very blessed. My family and I truly enjoy Salina and have called it home for some time now. Cathie, my better half, does her best to keep me in line and busy; we have 7 children and 2 grandchildren in our blended family. I went to school at Kansas Wesleyan University playing soccer, being a yell leader, class President, and getting a degree in Theatre, History, as well as my MBA in business marketing. I now work for Nex-Tech Fiber Home and Business as the residential sales rep and marketing agent providing internet, television, and landline phones to the residents of Salina and the surrounding area. My free time consists of teaching acting at Theatre Salina, acting/directing around the state, and working on home improvement projects for myself and others. I have always been interested in civic organizations as one of my dreams was to be able to work for non-profits, just my schedule never allowed for it. With my new job, I not only have more time but I was urged to go ahead and join any clubs/groups I felt interested in. I was initially interested in Rotary after speaking with John Ryberg, he was very passionate about the work (and fun) that happens at the meetings. I appreciate having a place to go to speak and discuss not only community efforts but world issues as well, this is what kept me interested in becoming a Rotator. Thank you for bringing me into the fold.

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