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Member Spotlight: Chris Dancy

I am pleased to feature in our spotlight one of our newest club members, but a seasoned Rotarian. I know that you will enjoy getting to know Chris Dancy. Please remember to share the blessing of being a Rotarian with your friends and colleagues by inviting them to experience our club as your guest. Brenda O’Gorman

Chris was born in Hackensack, New Jersey, the son of a Merchant Marine. He married and has two sons who live in New York. Chris and his family have lived in California, Montana, Iowa, Colorado, and Kansas. For many years Chris worked as a CPA has they moved from job to job. After retiring from that profession, he worked for ten years as a cowboy on cattle ranches. When they were ready to retire, they made a list of places that they would like to live and chose Kansas. Chris and his wife settled in Arkansas City. About four years ago Chris’ wife passed away and he decided he needed to live in a bigger town and decided to move to Salina. Chris enjoys the fellowship of Rotary while sharing a meal. He likes to sit at different tables to get to know new people.

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