Salina Rotary Treasurer’s Report: Doug Alt

First of all, the board has decided to continue “inperson meetings” and zoom meetings until there is a significant negative change in the COVID guidelines. An example would be if USD 305 decided to change to “virtual only” classes. If that were to happen we would discontinue “in-person” meetings while that arrangement was in place. For those of you who are “Senior Actives” (have reached the age of 65 and your age + years in Rotary = 85) there is no change in your billing situation. You will still be billed for the basic quarterly dues of $63 + $11 for each meeting you attended/meal cost during the prior quarter. For the majority of the membership who have been billed the basic dues and full 12 meals per quarter (except the quarter just ended) which has equaled $195. Your quarterly statement will show the same amount due for the upcoming quarter, $195. HOWEVER, and this is what you need to READ CAREFULLY, we realize some of you may not feel comfortable attending “in- person” meetings during this COVID crisis and the board respects your decision. You will only need to pay the basic dues of $63. PLEASE include a note with your payment if that is the case so I can note your payment correctly. So, if you your statement SHOWS $195 due and you don’t feel comfortable attending in person just send a check back for $63 with a note explaining same. If you aren’t attending and the reason is NOT Covid related then we would expect you to pay the full dues/meals as you have in the past. There are a few of you who have not paid your dues from the quarter just ended. Remember, we only billed you for two meetings in August and the normal four in September which = $66 in meals plus $63 basic dues = $129. The same guideline will apply so just send a check for the $63 plus the $63 for the new quarter. You might wonder why there is a need to pay the basic $63. Our club is still being billed the normal dues and related items from Rotary International and our District so we each need to do our part to pay those fees. We, of course, don’t know when the COVID crisis will ease and we get back to some form of normalcy. Therefore, we plan to continue the billing process in the same fashion until further notice. Just keep the lines of communication open with any changes in your status by replying to our Club Administrator, Deb Howard, or to my email which is

Thanks in advance for your attention to this situation.